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The PALS Calendar can be found here!

My current sessions (Spring 2019):

None. I will be at UC Berkeley this semester for my CalTeach minor and will be unavailable in person until next fall. However, you can still get help by scheduling an online session at WiseGuy.

PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Support) is a free tutoring service for students at UC Merced, although we have had some students from Merced College as well. I currently support the following classes:

  • CSE 020: Introduction to Programming I
  • CSE 021: Introduction to Programming II
  • CSE 030: Data Structures
  • CSE 031: Computer Organization
  • CSE 100: Algorithm Design and Analysis

  • Python

  • Math 005: Pre-Calculus
  • Math 011/021: Calculus I
  • Math 012/022: Calculus II

I am also available for more private, online or in person, 30-minute sessions at WiseGuy. Pick a time that works for you! Alternatively, if you have 5+ people in a group that you’d like to request a private tutoring session with, feel free to contact Karen Linam at Mention my name as well as the subject that you’d like to schedule me for.

Some people have reached out to me and asked about how they can tutor as well. The full instructions can be located here. We usually hire at the beginning of each semester and will have time for you to shadow other tutors to see how they run their sessions, so don’t sweat!

At the end of each semester, PALS holds Finals Frenzy, where all of our tutors will gather in the California Room, and you can get help with any subject that we cover. Look out for the dates on our Facebook or on our Instagram.