So we’ve created our app. Now how do we deploy it to the web for other people to use? Heroku!

Note: Eventually I want to re-do this for GMC Project with Azure instead. I found a useful link here.

Install here, or by using

$ sudo snap install --classic heroku

You can use a build package for React with this link.

$ heroku create $APP_NAME --buildpack mars/create-react-app

$APP_NAME must be unique from like everyone..

Running the line $ git push heroku master will push your local master branch to the heroku server. In general, running $ git push origin master pushes to the GitHub server. You can use $ git remote to list all of the servers that you could be connected to and the URL to that server.

Once pushed, your app should be available on the interwebs!

For the GMC Backend, I followed this Python buildpack/example:

Debugging, checking logs: heroku logs --tail Pushing SQL to PostGRE Server: heroku pg:psql --app YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE < updates.sql

Note: While connecting to eduroam, calls to the Heroku psql server probably won’t work ……….