Mighty Chen

learner teacher researcher


Hi! I'm Mighty Chen. I'm currently (Spring 2022) a High School Mathematics/CS Teacher at Mariposa County High School. I am working through my Master's in Education through the Kremen School of Education at Fresno State. I was previously an undergrad at UC Merced, studying Computer Science and Engineering while pursuing my Teaching Credential through the CalTeach program through UCM and UC Berkeley.

My current research focuses on critical computational studies, creating constructionist spaces, embodiment, and mathematics education. My thesis (in the works!) uses computer vision algorithms on cheap webcams (bought over the pandemic) to create a motion capture system which projects students' locations in a room onto a Desmos graph. This is still in development but some demos are available here.

If you are one of my students stalking my online presence...... yo what's up.


Mathematics/CS Teacher

Mariposa County High School

Jul 2020 - Present

Mathematics teacher for Integrated Math II creating CPM curriculum on Desmos and NetLogo. Computer Science Teacher using a self-made NetLogo curriculum. Teaching with an emphasis on constructing artifacts, driving student curiousity, and analyzing representations (tools) based on affordances and consequences.

Student Teacher

Golden Valley High School

Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

Coordinating with Lorena Arroyo to refine teaching practices, classroom management, lesson design for an Integrated Math 2 class. Coursework significantly modified during COVID-19 crisis with a refocus on student physical and mental wellbeing. Hosted online asynchronous lessons using Desmos and NetLogo.

Curriculum Designer

CalTeach UC Merced

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020

Designing, researching, and implementing lesson plans and activites for the UC Merced's Learning Lab! Made-- Cardboard "lego" pieces for geometric proofs, some NetLogo models (sector area, arc length), string to understand trigonometric ratios, Turtle art, and Zombie Infections.


Whole-Bodied, Ensembled, Mixed-Reality Mathematics

Master's Thesis

Oct 2021 - Present

By repurposing low-cost hardware purchased during the pandemic, we can create spaces for students to learn and demonstrate learning through group-based movement. Students hold AruCo markers which are detected by a system of webcams to project their position in the room onto a graph, and "become" points on a graph. This leads into easily into any kind of mathematical activity--polygon transformations, function shifts, drawing a line between two students, etc. This project is overseen by Dr. Earl Aguilera, Dr. Lynette Guzman, and Dr. Alexandria Hansen.

Tangible Turtles


Sep 2019 - May 2020

Recreating Papert's Turtle to provide an active tangible for teaching computer science, computational thinking, and mathematics. Worked with Daniel Milliate on CAD and mechanical engineering. Project is overseen by Ahmed Arif through UC Merced's HCI Group and is held in the CalTeach Learning Lab

Probability and Coding Simulations

Embodied Design Research Labratory

Mar 2019 - Apr 2019

Final project for EDUC 130 (Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science). Interaction analysis of students coding through a Python simulation of the RC Cola Problem. Defined different styles of coding and discussed the limitations and affordances of each in terms of mathematical discussion and understanding.

Consequence Aware Drone


Jan 2018 - May 2019

To promote drone safety, the MESA lab is building a classifier of good versus bad pilots through their remote control signals logs. Once known, the quadcopter would take any appropriate action (emergency land, switch to auto-pilot, etc.). I am no longer part of the ongoing process of this project, but am helping two new students learn introductory robotics so that they can continue work on the project.


Stay Home and Code with NetLogo!

CalTeach UC Merced

July 2020, 2021

Planned curriculum, created material, taught two one-week sections of a NetLogo class which covered art, games, and simulations to help middle and high school understand the effects of staying home and socially distancing during a virus pandemic.

Software Engineering Intern


Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Migrated existing software into a new system. I interfaced, tested, and refined new database models to existing and new web pages over the site and played an active role in design planning and decision making. Much thanks to John Kelly who actively mentored me and the other interns (Saar Sayfan, Emily Cang, Robert Slutsky).

Data Science Intern

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

May 2019

Data Science Challenge hosted by LLNL. Worked under Brenden Petersen for Deep Symbolic Regression, which generates an equation, given an input set of data. Added data visualization and regularization to a reinforcement learning model to simplify generated expressions.


M.A. Education

CSU Fresno (2021 - Present)

Education Psychology, Integrating Technology into Curriculum, Advanced Curriculum, Literacy Language Literature, Research in Education

B.S. Computer Science and Engineering

UC Merced (2016 - 2020)

GPA: 3.7

Human Comptuer Interaction, Software Engineering, Data Science, Databases, Object Oriented Programming, Applied Modern Statistics, Robotics, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Linear Analysis, Circuit Theory

single subject mathematics credential

UC Merced & UC Berkeley (2017 - 2020)

Learning and Knowing in Mathematics and Science; History of Science, Technology, and Society; Teaching Mathematics in Middle School/High School; Project-Based Instruction; Classroom Interactions (Equity in Classrooms); Integrating Research Methods in K-12 Classrooms; Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Development